Feb 20, 2011

Is Sharing Really Caring?

This morning, I had a good conversation with my wife.
Initially, we planned to have our breakfast at Restoran Puteri in TTDI, co-owned by Habsah Hassan & Rubiah Suparman before proceed to a playground somewhere around there. Quite some time I did not bring Amierah for an outing.
As Ziyad is yet to be even 2 months, definitely a no-no to bring him to crowded places, shopping mall for an example...
(umi's favourite place..hehe..)

Well, back to the subject matter. We chatted basically on blogging. To be exact my own blog.
While I think sometimes that I had crossed the line, my wife begged to differ.

I must admit, I started blogging for the sake of my free time. Writing somehow a therapy for me while undergoing operation & chemotherapy session. At the same time, by sharing my moment, may help few who need some info regarding cancer. For some people, cancer is an alien. So, it might be good to know in more leisure approach. (If you google on cancer, mostly are 'heavy' articles & you will never understand a sentence!!)

:: Gambar hiasan ::
Once upon a time - Damansara Specialist Hospital

:: Dahulu ::
22 June 2008 @ TTDI

:: Sekarang ::
20 Feb 2011 @ TTDI

Day by day, I do not only share solely on my cancer experience.
It evolved & suddenly become my diary. Some of those stories which I should not share publicly. (Do you let people read your own diary, if you have any?)

Hmm, the conclusion is (I like to have a conclusion for even a short conversation, unlike some 2-3 hours meeting without one)
..if it happen that I did crossed the line, I always have my wife to remind me. You, too, can advise me to do so.
And I promise you, the posting will be removed in no time!!

Would that be a wonderful conclusion?

Thus, if you find any posting deemed unnecessary is still here, please tell me so.
Coz, I may think it should be shared, as my gesture that I do care...

p/s: For quite some time, I want to tell you why I shifted from www.abuhumairah.blogspot.com to www.abuhumairah-in-memory.blogspot.com.
Maybe you never wonder, that is why you never ask, don't you?


  1. utk ayat p/s . tertanya2.. tapi tak tertanya... apa kata bagi jawapannya supaya aku tak tertanya2.. heh

  2. Buatlah apa yang difikirkan terbaik bagi ko Ciki..i read your blog for the sake of experience and knowledge. So cute Mirah. Lama ek tak bersua muka

  3. tak tanya tak semestinya tak pernah wondering. org lain mungkin fikir might be too private too ask.

    any how, cantik baju mirah. PASTI mane ni?

  4. people have their own reason and that's why we never asked. Unless you really want to share it.

  5. freedom of speech xoxo!!

  6. Is sharing really caring? It depends on what you shared. If its beneficial to everyone, it's definitely a thought that should be shared.

    In your situation, you are writing about your battle with cancer. So, somehow, by sharing your experiences; in a way it can help other people who are facing the same situation too. Who knows, people will still have hopes and faith when they read your blog.

    And of course, your friends and your family; will understand you better by just reading all your thoughts here.

    I don't know about your previous blog, so no questions from me. =D
    So, happy blogging. Happy sharing. And always be happy =D

  7. teringin nk tau, tpt tkt PnC n u might have ur own reasons, why..

  8. - Nape weh? Heee.. Direct aje..
    - x sangka ko dah ada dua.. Eh, bukan x sangka.. X biasa..
    - apsal muka ko mcm kejung je amik gambar kat spital tu? Photographer x pandai agah ni (mesti nud.. X pun set timer)
    - xde soklan dah.. Heheh