Apr 23, 2011

Tsunami Has Come

22 April 2011

Category: Corporate News


The Great East Japan earthquake has affected a number of industries across the world, including the automotive industry.

UMW Toyota Motor would like to announce that there could be some disruptions in parts supplies from Japan.  In preparation for this, we wish to inform that we will be making adjustment to our production from 25th April to 3rd June, 2011. In addition to the implemented cuts in overtime, we will be moving to a 1-shift operation from 25th April. A production plan from 6th June will be made in line with the recovery of parts supply.

Our commitment to our customers remains topmost in our priority. The company has communicated and will update all its customers individually concerning their vehicle delivery status.

"UMW Toyota Motor regrets for any inconvenience caused especially to our customers. We are closely monitoring on the parts supply situation in Japan and will provide any updates or information in a timely manner. We sincerely hope for the quickest possible recovery and appreciate our customers and business partners understanding during these difficult times" said En. Ismet Suki, President of UMW Toyota Motor.


Walaupun beribu kilometer jarak antara Jepun & Malaysia...namun kesannya tetap dirasai...

Mungkin secara fizikalnya, tiada apa yang terjejas..
Tapi kesan dari segi ekonomi, sudah dirasai tempiasnya...

Simpati aku kepada operator2 pengeluaran...
Jika dulu, ada shift malam & siang..kini hanya shift siang..
Sebelum ini, ada OT 2 jam sehari, kini tiada lagi..

Secara purata, kehilangan 'take-home' income sebanyak RM300-400 sebulan..
Boleh jadi, penurunan 15-20%...

Begitulah hidup ini, ia ibarat roda. Yakinilah Allah sumber rezeki kita..
Semoga mendung ini akan segera berlalu...


Apr 18, 2011


Iman meningkat & berkurang..
hatta taqwa juga ada tingkatan2nya...boleh jadi menaik mahupun menurun..

Lantas, utk org2 kebanyakan seperti kau dan aku, yg mana status imannye belum pasti tulen...bagaimana pula keadaannya..

Aku pernah melalui satu fasa di mana terasa 'masin' mulut sekali.
Setiap yg aku pohon & hajatkan, mudah benar utk Allah makbulkan...
Sampai satu ketika, aku amat berhati2 utk mengucapkan sesuatu, bimbang yg buruk terkeluar dari lidah yg tak bertulang ini, lantas terjadi hal2 yg tak sepatutnya..

Ya, ini kisah benar. Itu semasa aku menempuh hari2 sukar sekitar 2008-2009..

Malah tidak ragu2 utk aku katakan, aku amat 'bersedia' jika dipanggil Allah saat itu..

Itu dahulu...

Kini, aku tidak pasti..Yang pasti, keyakinan itu sudah tiada lagi..

Moga sempat aku cuci kembali titik2 hitam ini..
Agar aku tidak perlu menunggu 'dihukum & diingatkan' sekali lagi, baru terasa ingin dekat dengan Allah, Tuhan sekalian alam...

Apr 16, 2011

Biggest Misperception

I need to tell this...
Something to do with my late Mak..about 1 year before her demise..
I wish this will clear the air..

On that fateful day, we were rushing back to Johor..a funeral to attend.
I drove my Vios, while I offered Kancil to 'xxx'. Alhamdulillah, we all managed to get there just in time. Following day, we went back to KL. Together with 'xxx', it's my pleasure to give a ride to anybody, really.

A week plus after the event, I spoke to Mak. She suddenly asked, did 'xxx' pay anything to me, petrol, toll or something??Er, I wish can say yes...
No, I replied. (Luckily I didn't tell that I bought them KFC as well!!)
Truly, I really don't mind at all. For Mak, it should be common sense. She always teaches me that...to use common sense, be thoughtful, empathetic...

Unfortunately, the story does not end, just like that..

Few months later, Mak complained to me that she received cool response from 'xxx'. She might feel the story about 'not paying anything' which she told a few relatives was misconstrued. She felt they show little respect since the incident. Obviously, Mak was so sad...

I was like..WHAT?!!
From what I can understand, it seems that the issue of 'not paying anything' came from me..which I never mean I want them to pay me anything....

How sad it was...I can feel what Mak is feeling. Orang kata, cubit paha kanan, peha kiri terasa jua...

Since then, I just pretend nothing's happens. Although I can see the reception from them has been completely changed, during kenduri arwah, during Raya etc...

Should I apologise? I don't see the necessary. I didn't do anything wrong.
Even I feel guilty because they misunderstood it, I don't know where to begin..

And Mak is forever gone..I wish they know what Mak really cares...COMMON SENSE...
What a priceless value she taught..

p/s: speaking about misperception, I noticed there was typo in my previous posting.
Insya-Allah, I will ever give up praying to Allah. It should be never.
See, how 'n' can give a completely different meaning?? My apology :-)

Apr 14, 2011

It Still Haunts Me

One year ago, during my periodical check up in HUKM, I was so shocked when the oncologist asked me to do CT Scan.
Reason being, one of my cancer marker (during latest blood test) showed a rise in the reading.

Can you imagine the feeling?
On that day that I decided to shift from original http://www.abuhumairah.blogspot.com/  to this blog.
I put 'in-memory', well..it just popped up in my mind..
I almost gave up any hope...I really felt that 'my time' will come very soon..

Alhamdulillah, after the scanning the radiologist didn't find anything amiss..

Yet, everyday I wonder actually...Will it or will not it comes again?

Insya-Allah, I will never give up praying to Allah...

p/s: now you may understand why did I put such a serious blog title here "Antara Hidup & Mati"

Let's Talk About Politics

Maybe you, just like me..have less interest in Malaysia politics of late.

Since the last General Elections whereby we saw Fed Govt tasted the humble pie, then series of events (everything, from fall of a state govt, MACC death, you name it)...the latest being 'the video'...
Left many of us pondering, who is right & who is wrong...

Well, we have no answer for that.
Just pray to Allah..may the truth prevails, very very soon.

For this moment, what I can think of..
choose the lesser evil...
(Next GE is around the corner)

To Sarawakians, cast your vote...wisely...

Lesser of Two Evils  = idea in politics and political science that of two bad choices, one isn't as bad as the other, and should be chosen over the one that is a greater threat.

3 Years & Counting...

It has been 3 years...the Moments..