Apr 14, 2011

It Still Haunts Me

One year ago, during my periodical check up in HUKM, I was so shocked when the oncologist asked me to do CT Scan.
Reason being, one of my cancer marker (during latest blood test) showed a rise in the reading.

Can you imagine the feeling?
On that day that I decided to shift from original http://www.abuhumairah.blogspot.com/  to this blog.
I put 'in-memory', well..it just popped up in my mind..
I almost gave up any hope...I really felt that 'my time' will come very soon..

Alhamdulillah, after the scanning the radiologist didn't find anything amiss..

Yet, everyday I wonder actually...Will it or will not it comes again?

Insya-Allah, I will never give up praying to Allah...

p/s: now you may understand why did I put such a serious blog title here "Antara Hidup & Mati"


  1. Chiki,

    Hidup, Rezeki, Maut semuanya ketentuan Allah. Alhamdulillah, Tuhan masih menyayangi.