Feb 27, 2011

We Are Neighbours

From Abu Hurairah: Prophet Muhammad said, 
"Anybody who believes in Allah and the Last Day should not harm his neighbour, and anybody who believes in Allah and the Last Day should entertain his guest generously and anybody who believes in Allah and the Last Day should talk what is good or keep quiet (i.e. abstain from all kinds of evil and dirty talk)." - Sahih Al-Bukhari

I can still remember, when we first placed our deposit for our new home, I was asked "Don't you want to know whom your neighbours are?"

I was like.."er, is that really important?"

What a silly question, isn't it?

Well, fast forward...
One year plus since we moved in to our own house.
We are happy for the fact that we are blessed to have good neighbours.
Wish it always be...

Many times I heard & saw by myself conflicts between neighbours..
Tolerance.. is the best policy to tackle this (in my humble opinion)

 :: we were here last nite ::

In Jeram, Kuala Selangor
30-40 mins drive from Desa Coalfields
could take hours from your place

bottom down:
butter prawn
chilli crab
jenahak merah
sotong goreng tepung
siakap masak stim 

cadang2 nak ajak jogging pagi ni (akibat terlebih makan)
tapi, ahad pagi ni tido pon sodap........hehehe


No matter how far I might be
I’m always gonne be your neighbor
There’s only one small planet where to be
So I’m always gonna be your neighbor
We cannot hide, we can’t deny
That we’re always gonna be neighbors
You’re neighbor, my neighbor
We’re neighbors
So hold my hand
There are many ways to do it right

- Maher Zain

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  1. Yup, totally agree - "Tolerance.. is the best policy to tackle this"

    FYI, my neighbours are all Chinese. Jadi, anjing merata macam kucing. So, bila jiran saya nampak saya terdiri kaku tunggu anjing tu blah. Dia org sendiri yang akan tolong halaukan. Bila saya lupa nak kunci pagar. Jiran saya akan ketuk pintu dan tolong ingatkan.