Apr 2, 2012

A Year to Remember

I thought it was year 2008 as my most memorable year.
To be diagnosed with CANCER, certainly unforgettable experience in anyone's life!

After a deep & long 'soul-searching' session especially during my birthday, I actually have to admit that year 2010 being my 'year of the life' so far. (Apology for the weird phrase by the way, I meant it)

Physically lost my mom & my sister spiritually, I could not hold my tear every time I sit down & remember our memories together.

I must say, it was my turning point to what I am today.
I am not really sure, whether being better or otherwise. The thing is that I feel I am not the person I used to be.

Suddenly I remember, I imprecisely close my old blog & started up this.

I just wish, things gonna be better tomorrow & days after..



  1. ermmmmmm errr nak komen apa ni... tangan gatal nak taip tapi tatau nak tulis apa. hahaha. ciki bile nak tulis buku?

  2. i honestly think that u're a better person today