Aug 24, 2010

N + 15

Well....half Ramadhan already gone before we knew it!!!

Test can come in many ways, whether we like it or not..
Speaking of which, Ramadhan is all about tests..

Refrain ourselves doing bad, inculcate good deeds...the list goes on..just the matter of doing or not...

As for me, this year is equally tough..
Day after is so hard to decline invitation for breaking fast..

First, on halal venue..(hot topic of the day)
Secondly, to eat less & zero waste (I am so amazed..Malaysians really can 'eat')   
Last but not least, catch-up for terawikh...

Pity my Nadiah & Amierah...
Please serve it as my duty..I am new in this area, whereby PR is very important.

Hope this Ramadhan can make me a better man..
To remember Allah while in pain or joy..

Happy fasting to all...
It's never too late to start & continue what we left behind...

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